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Surviving Online

Owning a website, you may notice increasing competition of other online bus. Along with more web users aware of searching for the best deals it’s an every more complex business problem in its own right getting the clients you require. Some are lucky and are really successful, and some can sustain their competitive advantage over time.

Most advertisers have tried all the tricks of the trade to help grow their businesses and stay ahead of close competitors. But have they thought to spend more time actually monitoring their traffic?

A recent study by Cap Gemini Retail shows that on average, websites convert just 3.8% of their visitors (source: IMRG Cap Gemini Retail Sales Index). This is only a small percentage, when it has the potential to be much larger.

You probably wonder, along with many others, why people would spend the time on your website but are not converting. We have now got the technology to dramatically improve this conversion rate, with our ONMonitoring webtracking tool for business to business clients.

Our clients have reported tremendous increases in new business some as much as 30% conversions once they have fully implented this cloud based intelligent software tool.

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