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Make yourself known on Twitter If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, here’s an announcement: social media is here and it’s here to stay, whether you like it or not. Not only that, but it’s huge, so if you’re not using certain sites to your advantage, you’re definitely missing out.

Success: we all want it, but how can we get it? And more importantly, how do we know when we’ve actually reached that level of success we’ve always longed for? If can relate any of the 4 signs of success to your business then you’re on the right track… People come to you first No

If you follow us on our social media channels (@ONMonitoring on Twitter and ONMonitoring on Facebook), you’ll know that we’ve started #TipsTuesday, where we’ve been giving marketing advice once a week to help businesses grow and gain recognition. Today, we decided to take things a step further and write an entire blog post dedicated to

With every business comes sales. And with every sale comes the need for more. As business owners, we all want to increase our sales- sales help get our names out there, demonstrate our success and, most importantly, bring our profits up.  If you’ve visited our website for this reason, you’re already on the right track.

At ONMonitoring, our ongoing aim is to improve and enhance our branding, website, and most importantly, our services. That’s why we’ve not only had a complete website transformation, but we’ve also updated our product to enrich ease of use, navigation, and data searching. Read this post to stay in-the-loop about our recent alterations to ONMonitoring,

Learn why you should choose ONMonitoring and NOT Google Analytics for your web-tracking It isn’t uncommon for businesses nowadays to use Google Analytics. Particularly for those who have an active sales and marketing department. It is important for these businesses to be able to easily obtain records of reports of website traffic, so that from

  Cutting edge lead generation software solution provider ONMonitoring has announced that data from LinkedIn will be integrated into its powerful IP tracking functionality, making the software an even more effective method for businesses that wish to identify more prequalified sales leads. The ONMonitoring software provides webmasters with data on who has visited their websites,

If you’re a regular user of Facebook then chances are that you have liked at least one page. However how many pages have you liked, there will always be that one page you regret liking later on. Maybe it keeps posting irrelevant content or it spams up your news feed. While it may not seem

Owning a website, you may notice increasing competition of other online bus. Along with more web users aware of searching for the best deals it’s an every more complex business problem in its own right getting the clients you require. Some are lucky and are really successful, and some can sustain their competitive advantage over