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ONMonitoring and LinkedIn Integration


Cutting edge lead generation software solution provider ONMonitoring has announced that data from LinkedIn will be integrated into its powerful IP tracking functionality, making the software an even more effective method for businesses that wish to identify more prequalified sales leads.

The ONMonitoring software provides webmasters with data on who has visited their websites, including their contact details and information about the visitor’s business, as well as identifying which pages they looked at. The latest enhancement to the software means that now, webmasters can not only identify the visitor’s company, but, by connecting to LinkedIn, also discover the name of the person they need to speak to at that company in order to discuss their business proposition.

ONMonitoring’s cloud based solution has already earned a reputation as a powerful tool for website owners who wish to maximise the value of every business visitor to their sites. With the help of IP tracking, the software delivers real time intelligence about prospects, including when they visited, what they searched for and which pages they viewed, as well as their physical location.

The integration of data from LinkedIn means that the solution can now help business owners increase their network of contacts within companies interested in their goods or services. It achieves that by helping to identify the organisation’s decision makers and influencers as well as other useful contacts within the organisation.

The ability to capture details of website visitors and to identify which pages they accessed is a valuable way of identifying prospective targets that are likely to be interested in discussing their company’s business offering, explains ONMonitoring’s managing director, Adrian Atwood, who says: Integrating data from LinkedIn is a major enhancement to the software. It really takes the solution to a whole new level, as it offers businesses the names and job titles of prospects who may already be seriously considering their products or services. He adds: a major time saver as it not only cuts out time spent searching for the name and contact details of the most relevant person within a company, but, because it delivers prequalified sales leads, it also vastly reduces the need for cold calling.

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