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Customer Success Stories

Hear From Our Customers

We have #HappyCustomers that have decided to embrace our lead generation software and make success in the market.


“We were able to reach out to potential clients that we wouldn’t have known about without the help of ONMonitoring. Because of this, we were able to reach a wider audience and make ourselves more known as a company. Brilliant.”

"30% Sales Increase"

“We saw an increase in sales of over 30% since enlisting the help of ONMonitoring. It wouldn’t have happened without ONMonitoring’s continuous help and we’re extremely grateful for that.”

"Highly Recommend"

“I would highly recommend ONMonitoring to any business that wishes to increase its sales and client reach percentage. They provide tools and statistics that are vital to a business’ growth.”

"...helped us to grow"

“As a new business, ONMonitoring helped us to grow, intensify our client reach from virtually nothing, and increase product sales through information we were provided with. Thanks to ONMonitoring, we now believe in our business and our products more than ever.”

"Excellent Professionalism"

“ONMonitoring works closely with us and continually gives us the support we need to help us grow. Their level of professionalism and organization skills are excellent. We wouldn’t be where we are without ONMonitoring.”

"Positively Shocked!"

“Thanks to ONMonitoring, we’re on our way to closing our fourth deal in just over three months. ONMonitoring has helped us grow at an incredible speed. We’re positively shocked.”

"Positive Experience"

“Working with ONMonitoring has been a very good and positive experience.Thank you for the amazing personal service and support we received that we have never experienced from previous providers.”

"Effective Research Strategy"

“We now have a far more effective and targeted research strategy, which we were able to compose with the help of data provided for us by ONMonitoring. We’re very impressed with our progress so far.”

"35% increase in sales"

“With ONMonitoring’s assistance, we were able to increase our business in the first twelve months by 35% in sales.”

"Reaching More Clients"

“After years of feeling like we’d hit a dead end, ONMonitoring helped install a new life into our company. We are now reaching out to clients we never would have found without the knowledge we have gained in these past few months.”

"Best Month to Date"

“Our business had its best month to date in February and we’re continuing to grow even now. It’s looking that this coming spring will be our busiest season ever and it’s all thanks to ONMonitoring.”

"Most Useful Source"

“The ONMonitoring team provide an exceptional level of digital knowledge- the online tracking tool contained everything we’ve wanted to know about our prospects. It is now our most useful source of information.”


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