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5 Ways To Keep Your Sales Team Happy And Motivated

With every business comes sales. And with every sale comes the need for more. As business owners, we all want to increase our sales- sales help get our names out there, demonstrate our success and, most importantly, bring our profits up.  If you’ve visited our website for this reason, you’re already on the right track. Our ONMonitoring reports have been proven to optimise your business by helping you manage your key contact details, keep track of your notes, monitor changes and be ahead of your sales process. You can navigate through our website to learn more, or try out our service with a 14 day free no-obligation trial. But how else can you keep those sales figures on the rise?

By ensuring your sales team is kept happy and motivated, that’s how. Your sales team is the most vital part of your business; imagine it as the motor in an engine, or the pedals on a bike. Your business simply couldn’t function without it. And when your sales team is getting a little tired or demotivated (imagine the disintegration of an engine over time), your business doesn’t run as successfully as it could do. So the solution, obviously, is to find a way to keep your sales team motivated and happy, always.

Appreciating that we all have bad days from time to time, we should all, on the whole, enjoy our work days and feel inspired by the job we do. Your sales team is no exception, and there are things you can do to ensure your staff stay positive and work to their maximum potential:

1. Set targets

That could be anything from an increasing number of sales to the highest profits made in a day. Working in sales can become a boring and rigorous job after a while, and your employees may start to lose passion for the job they’re doing unless you help to keep things interesting. There’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition, and introducing a friendly rivalry and encouraging your sales team to compete against one another will give them something exciting to work for. You could set mini prizes such as a free lunch, or a money off voucher, for daily winners, or even host weekly or monthly competitions where the winner receives a cash prize or a meal voucher.

2. Arrange re-training sessions

It’s surprising how much sales knowledge can be lost over time, and how many tips can be forgotten. You may also find that members of your sales team have begun to develop habits that they perhaps don’t realize are hindering them when it comes to making sales. Re-training sessions are a fantastic way to refresh your team’s memory, and teach them any new sales techniques that have seen recent success (remember, sales move quickly and it’s fundamental to stay up to date with what’s new). You can also use the training sessions to remind them what an important job they’re doing, and how vital it is to you that they’re working to their highest abilities. This will introduce a healthy amount of pressure and take them back to their school days, and remind them how it feels to work hard and be proud of their achievements.

3. Give praise when you should

There’s nothing worse than not being rewarded for your hard work. You should make an effort to track your team’s progress, and call out certain members for doing a particularly good job. Even if one team member isn’t making the most sales, you can still give recognition if you notice they’re putting in a great deal of effort, or if they’re consistently helpful and encouraging to other team members. Giving praise when it’s needed will encourage your team to work harder at making sales in the future, because they know they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.

4. Introduce bonding exercises

You may think: “I’d actually rather my sales team kept themselves to themselves. Less chat means more work, right?” But this is the wrong approach to take. Having a team of employees who are comfortable and friendly around one another is never a bad thing- it means they can share sales tips, discuss what is and isn’t working for them, and help one another out in times of need. That’s why it’s a great idea to organize “get to know you” events for new teams, and regular outings for employees who are used to each other’s company, such as a meal out or a bowling trip. Also popular for employees are team-building trips exercises such as obstacle courses and adventure sports, which help break the ice and encourage bonding and interaction.

5. Educate, educate, educate

The more your sales team knows about your business, the more motivation they will feel to bring in the most sales as possible. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal; tell them how you started out, how much your business means to you, and what your plans are for the future. Share interesting company stats, such as those that show its development over the years, and highlight any changes that have been made along the way. Involving your sales team in your business’ past, present and future will increase loyalty towards your company, which

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